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i want all of you ----this and give me an answer.选择 think aboutB.think aboutC.thinks aboutD.thinking about选哪个? succeed in和success in 有啥区别,是取决于前面的词么?还是什么啊…………我看有的是succeed in ,有的是success in .郁闷了 想看看有没有淫能译对这句:The king is fucking is the son of the king has fucked.如题 I succeed()tricking Tom A in B on C to 求把罗马音转成中文谐音kaito的上弦之月的歌词 hanamichi wo usuku terashiteyosegizaiku oto wo kanadetaadeyaka na jougen no tsukikumo ni kieta kasa mo nainoniasa ga kite sore ga haru no shimodoke no younikoote tsuita koi ga itsuka atsu I CAN SEE SOME BANANSE汉语是什么意思 How did david make himself warmer?这是一篇短文的问题,帮忙翻译一下.还有:who killed david? who is most richest in china.. 用this,that,填空.1.who's___?"_______is mary speaking."2.My seat is next to _____of the mayor.3.It's about______heavy.4.Is it __cold every day? sounded( )Sth.中()中的动词应是什么形式? It is the music of the film,not the film itself,_____I like.A.that B.which C.when D.where还有原因 put up 和set up\put on\work out区别 in the ocean 魏如萱 中文歌词 支其帐篷tend用set up 还是put up如题是tent WORD里的标点符号要如何调整? Let's watch a talk show.同义句 word页面下方如何显示标点符号以前写文章时,在word页面下方横排一行标点符号,换了一台电脑后,下面的一行标点符号不见了,请求哪位老师指教一下,如何能弄出来, Mary was graduated from Oxford. She graduated from Harvard ,第一句有was ,第二句为什么没有呢?这两句我看意思一样呀 英语翻译 关于备考gre所用的韦氏词典Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary和Merriam-Webster Dictionary的区别?像新gre取消了类比的话用哪一种韦氏比较好呢? 复习GRE用哪种韦氏词典? 求 itouch4 GRE背单词的工具 还有.Itouch上有韦氏词典吗? Come on.Come 有《dreaming my dream》歌词中文意思么? The repair work ___ by the major.The repair work ___ by the major A watched out B watched over C watched D watched on 我选B 对了 可是我不知道为什么 能否解释一下这四个词的区别? subject matter and statistical expertise Year of the Snake 歌词 He is causing a lot of trouble!改用how和what引导的感叹句 Do you know how to o__the machine? succeed in和succeed on的区别.谁能说说succeed 这个词的用法?谁能说说succeed 这个词的用法? Then let's work t____ to make the world full of the love.首字母填空.急!~~~~~~快,好的,加分 come on 所有的意思..寻求真相帝